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Recycling: Waste Management

Advanced Technical Concepts offers a range of products and services for the recycling & waste management industry. Here are some of the products and services to meet the needs you may have:

  • We provide sealing solutions for many different components used in the recycling & waste management process including seals, O-rings, and gaskets.
  • We provide hydraulic equipment such as cylinders, jacks, pumps, fully certified.
  • In our state of the art workshop, we provide service, repair and certification for your hydraulic equipment. We also provide an online parts management system which will show real-time status of your part repair/service.
  • ATC is an exclusive agent for Hi-Force hydraulic equipment – a UK-based company with years of experience producing quality hydraulic equipment such as but not limited to hydraulic cylinders, torque wrenches, lift systems, jacks, nut splitters.
  • From our fabrication facility, our experience with welding and fabrication allows us to produce high quality, long lasting customised solutions to our customers.
  • We can engineer high quality customised plastic, rubber and polymer parts to their exact specifications.
  • Are you a buyer who is under pressure to get costs down?
  • Are you an engineer that requires a dedicated partner in supplying your spare parts needs?

We can provide you with all your parts needs at an affordable price, either large or small volumes. For repeat, volume parts, we aim as a minimum to give you a minimum 10% saving over existing supply.
We can also provide a “manufacture to order“ service through Kanban or consignment stock management processes.

Why not give us a call today to discuss your requirements.


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